me trying to ignore how hot the air is

Here’s why I hate summers in Iran

Yesterday I had a ton of herons to run outside which made me realize that we are officially in the Summer! Summers in Iran are hot Iran is a four-season kind of country which means when the calendar tells you it’s summer, it is definitely gonna be HOT! You might leave the house thinking you Read More

I survived the chicken pox!

A few weeks ago, the unthinkable happened to me. I got the chicken pox two months before my wedding and to make it worse, at the beginning of the finals’ season. It was the most sudden thing I had to deal with in my life. here are a few tips and experience for you to know what to expect from the chicken pox as an adult. Read More

Persian book shop

Why “reading” is more of a memory?

My personal view of “reading” Reading is one of the most interesting parts of my conversations with friends. At the age of 25, I have tons of friends who claim they used to read during their childhood and teenage years. whenever we talk about a certain book or an author, they refer to a time Read More

Is a “party” worth all this stress?

My Marriage Background At this very moment, I couldn’t be more excited about finally being able to live with my best friend under the same roof. To finally do it, we must get past the Iranian wedding part that everyone is expecting us to throw. Growing up, I never wanted a traditional marriage. hell I Read More

A Marriage to my NOT prince charming

my marriage is happening even though I didn’t wait on a prince charming! my single life is coming to an seems like marriage has been waiting for me at the 25th corner of my life. a prince charming appeared from nowhere. he suddenly changed what I had estimated for my life to be like. Read More

a hot day during Ramadan

What to wear – even during Ramadan!!!

Being stuck between a religious culture and a semi-modern lifestyle, Ramadan has always been a challenge for me! what can I do in order to maintain my fasting,, while doing it right. as a girl, for my prayers to be accepted I must dress modestly during day as well as not eating and drinking, even Read More